About Us
AMEG provides high quality and cost effective solutions for our clients in the engineering field: Energy (Renewable, Nuclear power), Environment, Industrial and Project Management.

Our clients have access to highly skilled engineers and scientists that provide a wide range of services for different phases of the project: site selection, site evaluation, plant commissioning operation and refurbishing up to decommissioning step in environmental impact studies, engineering, safety analysis and licensing management.

Climate change is a defining issue of our time. As the world evolves towards a low-carbon economy, AMEG will be recognized for its innovative turn-key solutions for businesses to thrive on the carbon markets.

Our work is marked by integrity and driven by a commitment to fostering the growth of a credible global carbon market.

AMEG will always value and honour client's interests foremost and continuously innovate proactively for and on behalf of the client. AMEG's values of putting the highest priority on our clients drive us to meet and exceed their expectations.


CONTACTS:   Dr. Abbes Bellil
Tel : +1 514-655-6244
About Us
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